STEM Work Experience Camp

STEM Camp (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) over the period 6-10 Apr 2015. The capacity is 60, it will be held at RAF Cranwell and whilst it is aimed at Yr 10s we will consider cadets from Yr 9 up.
Welcome to the world of Engineering
There is no better way to experience the power of engineering than by seeing it first hand how it solves real life problems. This course teams you with RAF and Industrial engineers, who will guide you through every step of the process.
What you will be doing:
Design and building products using a range of different materials.
Learning the practical applications of the techniques and processes you will be using.
Understand the importance of budgets in the developing designs and materials, allowing you to calculate the financial impacts of your decisions.
Working alongside real engineers from the industry drawing on there knowledge and putting your new skills into practice.
Gain valuable employment skills, working in a team, communication, time management, problem solving, planning and presentations.
What is expected from you?
Full participation
Willing to learn and enjoy
Interested? Then fill out the attached Application Form and give to the staff in the office ASAP!

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