Our Cadets' First Few Weeks at 1227 (Sidcup) Squadron

"My first weeks at Air Cadets? Absolutely amazing! It is so interesting: there are many opportunities. Flying, discipline, drill, sports, music - many things that we can benefit from, especially the Duke of Edinburgh's Award. I've had a bumpy start but now I've become accustomed to the activities and how things are done here. I look forward to advancing in rank and accomplishing many new things."

- Cadet Omoleigho

"I discovered Air Cadets through my friends. I enjoy doing First Aid. You get to achieve lots that you wouldn't be able to anywhere else. I like our uniform and you get to learn a lot of interesting things that you wouldn't usually learn in school."

- Cadet Molloy

"My first couple of months at the Air Cadets have been great. I joined to make new friends and learn new things. I have done all that already - the people here are really friendly and helpful. I have also learned new things like how to use a radio and how to set up a tent. I have really enjoyed my time here and I look forward to my future here as well."

- Cadet Loizou

"My first few months here were interesting and I have learned a lot already. It's like I have learned a whole new subject."

- Cadet Perkins Enis