RAF Linton-On-Ouse 20th -27th March

RAF Linton-On-Ouse was the first camp that I was to go on. We wearily turned up at Dartford station at 8 AM. The amount of questions that I was asking myself was quite large, “Have I got everything that I need?” After we arrived at the camp we were given an hour to unpack, prepare ourselves and to get changed into working blues for a camp briefing from the camp commandant, Sqn Ldr Bull. After the briefing we were given time to settle in and relax for the evening, getting to know everyone and have some fun. Day two of the camp was filled with a FAMEX, a familiarization exercise to allow us to get used to the base. To summarise the week, it was filled with fun teamwork activities such as the adrenaline Obstacle course; this course was also featured on the krypton factor television programme. The typical Yorkshire weather came out also! Snow and a nice layer of ice over the water jumps and activities, ensuring that there was no chance of us not getting soaked or freezing cold!

Another highlight of the trip was a visit to the RAF radar station, RAF Fylingdales. RAF Fylingdales was first declared operational in 1963 as one of 3 radar sites in the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS). This trip was topped off with a tour around the large bunker situated underneath of the radar. Inside of this bunker was the heart of the base, computers that would allow the users to track missiles launched from across the globe and track where they would be heading to.
We also made a visit to the Regional flight simulators, here we had a flight on a flight simulator lasting roughly 10 minutes, and during this time we were given some tips and tricks on how to improve our flying techniques.

To conclude, this camp was a very beneficial camp. The amount of social time that we had due to the weather was very large! This meant that we had lots of time to meet and make friends, but also to further our knowledge on the Air Training Corps.

Cpl Jackson