Advanced Gliding Scholarship

Following on from my Gliding Scholarship, I was offered a wonderful opportunity to continue my glider pilot training to an advanced level, which only a handful of people in the Air Cadets are lucky enough to be able to say they’ve done. It involved completing two exercises: advanced turning (climbing to a high altitude and turning at 45 degrees of bank – scarier than it sounds!); and advanced landing (landing the aircraft in crosswinds). Having completed these exercises I flew 5 further solo circuits, on top of the first for my GS, and was presented with a set of gold wings. I now continue to attend the Volunteer Gliding Squadron at RAF Odiham as a Flight Staff Cadet and will soon be continuing on my pilot training to the next level – hopefully eventually being able to fly other cadets on GIC flights!
If any cadets are at all interested in flying, I highly recommend applying for the Gliding Scholarship – the application form is on the wing website and must be completed and submitted to the CO. The only requirement is you are 15.5 years when you apply.

Sgt Hopwood