A day Gliding

Being in the ATC has given me many opportunities to do amazing activities I would not usually get the chance to do, one of these being gliding.

On the 4th of April 2013, I was given the opportunity to visit RAF Odiham and glide in the Vigilant. I had to wake up at 0600hrs, as I was expected to be at 173 Orpington Squadron at 0730hrs, which killed me. However I thoroughly enjoyed my day, and realise the painfully early start was all worthwhile. I met lots of new people, and even got to see old friends too.

I was lucky enough to receive two twenty five minute flights, and learnt a lot about pitching, rolling, attitudes and finding the datum attitude. I hope to soon return to Odiham to learn more about gliding.

Since my gliding experience, I have applied for my gliding scholarship, and hope to be back at Odiham to achieve my gliding scholarship, and possibly even my Advanced Gliding Trainer.

I am very grateful that our CO, Flight Lieutenant Bull, presented me with the opportunity, and was strong advise others to go gliding too, if given the chance.

Cdt A Lessing.