Kent Wing Drill Competition 2012

On Sunday 9th September, a team of twelve cadets and NCO’s, with an NCO in command along with one reserve cadet went to RAF Manston to represent 1227 Sidcup Squadron in the Kent Wing drill competition. After a very early start and a fairly long drive, on arrival at Manston we were given time to change into our uniform, ready for the competition to begin. The time finally came for our squadron to give our all in the competition, which began with a uniform inspection which we had all been working very hard towards! Once we had all been inspected and our scores recorded, after months of practise we began our drill sequence which was being commanded by Flight Sergeant Lee. With only minor mistakes made, we finished our sequence feeling fairly proud of our performance, but still unaware of how well the drill sequences of the other squadrons had gone.

The day was concluded with a final parade, at which all awards were given out. We all waited in anticipation as speeches were given and various prizes were awarded, but the drill results were still yet to be announced. When the time finally came around, it was declared that 1227 Sidcup squadron had come in second place and we had a plate to collect, which made the early morning and tiring day so worth it! The whole team are now practising hard, preparing to represent Kent Wing at the regional drill competition which we qualified for, which is due to take place on Saturday, 6th October. On behalf of the team, I would like to thank all of the staff involved for making the day possible, and would like to wish the drill team the best of luck for the regional competition. 

CDT Hollis