Fieldcraft Competition 2012

This was a competition to examine how well different squadrons have been trained in the art of staying hidden and moving stealthily. It was a brand new event, it had never been done before so this one was a sort of trial to see whether it worked. Congratulations to the staff members involved because it turned out to be an excellent weekend.

We arrived on the Friday evening and immediately got down to business. We were given our accommodation key and told to dump our kit inside. All squadrons were then summoned to a briefing for the weekend to explain what would be happening during the following days.

The Saturday consisted of multiple activities including camouflage & concealment, hand signals, observation, obstacle crossing, weapons handling with the L98A2 rifle and the ability to build a harbour area (camouflaged campsite). Our squadron did very well in most of the tasks, especially hand signals, observation and harbour area. It was a very enjoyable day as we got to express our strengths and weaknesses in different areas of fieldcraft.

The Sunday would be a March and Shoot where we would set off on a 2 mile speed march on the Range Complex, whilst wearing kit and carrying an L98A2 rifle; we were accompanied by two safety vehicles as we were marching on the complex road.  After the march we would load our own ammunition under the supervision of the Range Staff and then fire in a competition shoot at 100m and 200m distances.  As usual, Sidcup squadron blitzed the shooting competition, placing 1st. We also did pretty well in the march, setting a very respectable time. After the competition shoot, we had more opportunities to shoot, this time at 100m, 200m and even 300m distances. Our final practice of the day was an “advance to contact” we started at 20m behind the firingpoint, loaded our rifles, when targets appeared, we moved forwards to the firing point, adopted the prone position, readied the rifle and fired a 20 round snap shoot with targets appearing  at either 100m, 200m or 300m. It was an amazing day.

The results came out with Sidcup landing in 3rd place. Hopefully the staff members that organised the event would be kind enough to organise another one next year!!

CDT Kelly