Drill involves Marching, Saluting and many other manoeuvres.

For some who have seen the Monty Python sketch, Drill is where a mean looking Drill Sergeant marchs their squad 'Up and down the square'. The reality of Drill is so much more, and is a major part of any cadets learning experience.

Drill is a learning tool and teaches the cadets to listen to instructions, working as a team, being able to look after themselves and their appearance. They develop their ability to maintain their uniform (for the parents reading this, that means they will learn to wash, iron, polish and sew) through the presentation excercises during Drill practice and gain confidence. Eventually they will develop to the stage where they command a squad and instruct them as part of moving about as a team.

Marching is one of the basic requirements for any cadet to master. Trained by fully qualified Drill instructors, from joining cadets are taught how to march correctly, whilst also how to look and dress smart in a manner that appropriately represents the Air Cadets and the RAF.